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As July Ends…

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

A great deal has happened during July, both in Siliar and in my life. Preparing to return to the classroom (or who knows) commenced this month. Yet, in Siliar, I have put in some sessions updating and adding sections to the End of the Era timeline.

  • Truthfinder and Hearts for Justice are now fully published!

  • The sequel to Truthfinder, Prophetess is now published up to the point that the writing is completed.

  • The final events in the Thrice Born collection are found in Tangles and Turns. That book has been published up to the point in the time line that Prophetess is completed.

One surprise (to me) this month has been the development of From Shadows, Come. The ease of writing these episode has nicely lent itself to the available time I've had to work on the Siliar world. The result is far less staccato than I had imagined! Once more, the story is character driven as a group of people between the ages of 13 and twenty try to stay alive and free under the oppression of Falicor's Legion. Frankly, I've had a blast writing this!

Looking into August…

School will commence with me in the classroom teaching, but I anticipate continuing to add more episodes to Shadows. I also launched another episodic collection that will bridge from Hearts to future content dealing with the Erudite.

However, the top goal for August will be to finish publishing Tangles and Turns, but with the caveat that a few of the sections late in the story might be amended before becoming final canon.

Once more, in closing, let me say thank you to everyone for your support. I'd like to request, if you are inclined, for you to share Siliar with a few people who also may enjoy it. Thanks again!

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