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Just TOO Big!

• War Collection timeline divided

• Siliar Version 2020

• ATW sections now numbered

Sixteen, Going on Forever stands alone

First off, the five-book War Collection timeline had to be divided. It was just too unwieldy in the editor. Progress on adding those sections is proceeding quickly, and it won't be long before TB10 sections begin to go in.

That said, the interweave process complicates the timeline. Chunking sections from two different books sometimes results in distinctly different stories sharing a couple of scenes. That is being dealt with and indicated by using the ≈ symbol to show that the sections are in sync with regard to time, but that they have different plot details.

Along the way through the editing process, I decided that it's time to start referring to the existing body of work as the 2020 version. Over the course of converting to the new data-driven system, a few tweaks have taken place. Further, I realized I have been inconsistent with how ages of the characters were described. While nothing substantial has changed in the canon of Siliar (and considering 2020 is easier to remember than whatever it was before—2017?) the body of work will hereafter be called the 2020 version.

Speaking of Along The Way

The data-driven system includes the ability to easily include "next" and "previous" buttons. However, for that to work , the Along The Way sections need to have a number that indicates where they fall in the story. Thus, all of the Along The Way sections will pick up something like TB02-21b ATW Xxxx Xxxxxx Xxxx designations.

Lastly, a few comments about Sixteen, Going on Forever.

This book was started based on some sections my oldest son, Anthony, wrote back in the 2015-17 rewrite. It quickly took on a life of its own and was pulled out and reworked to be an alternate entry point into the world of Siliar. Readers could start with the TB08b-01 section and find themselves easily able to follow the plot and character arcs within, and it would probably be enough to let them follow into TB10 and onward.

As an augment, I have to say that Sixteen simply delights me. I would feel like anyone who ignores it would be missing out on certain aspects of being part of the Resistance!


Wrapping up this update, let me say thanks to all who are members of the site. I'm grateful for your interest and input! I hope you enjoy your ventures into the world as much as I have enjoyed sharing Siliare with you.

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