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On The Horizon

I've put a lot of time into plans for the additional works—those already written and those to come later. I'm very excited by what I think is a rich, intense realm of people, events, and circumstances!

One major shift is that Siliar will be delivered using the agile method. Works will be offered to the community as they are created and made ready. This will allow Siliar to scale more quickly, growing sideways as well as historically (timeline). Having only just finished the "book 4" sections, I am going back and adding a scene that I think offers a lot of interest and establishes something of a background glimpse into Glydden. He is a marginal character that has a lot of big things to do, so a little more about him makes sense!

This shift to agile development (as opposed to "waterfall," the more traditional method of content delivery) means that the canon of Siliar now becomes the small, episodic pieces, not the 100k+ word documents. Future writing can be developed with scenes being created in a myriad of sequences! As a writer, I will be freed to develop the story, the people, and the action along different lines or streams.

As a reader, you will be able to watch for your favorite characters and see how they are getting along!

Book Five, Lost Hope, (TB-05) will be the next evolution of presenting content. Watch for the launch in the very near future!

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