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So, It Came To This…

Over the summer of 2020, I (Bill Snodgrass) spent a lot of time working on editing the books and updating the website. Well… everything that has been written is now uploaded and at least sorta-kinda edited. I'm sure there are a bazillion typos, grammar oopses, and spelling (at least wrong word) errors! But, it is all available.

I am currently working through the last of Prophetess, which has required a lot of work on elves. And magic. It has also required kicking a few new pieces into The Erudite War Collection. I was at a point in Prophetess where the characters were talking about what to do when they got home. It seemed natural to just write the intro to Erudite.

Similarly, finishing up Tangles and Turns naturally spawned a few other sequel sections. Among them is a story intro I wrote a few years ago that I think is among my all-time favorite scenes: "Not a Princess" which is a different POV version of "Can We Call You Pops?".


Well, later this week, I officially begin the 2020-21 school year, however…

• I will continue to finish Prophetess and get that story completed and uploaded.

I would love to see some fan art. I'll probably make a page on the web site for that soon.


A really fun thing I've started doing are the episodic pieces. They are cohesive and there are some character arcs and all that, but the main objective is to have some fun with characters that I think are interesting, so each episode sort of has a mini plot arc that wraps up. Like a TV show? Maybe I was influenced.

• Something that has really turned out to be fun is the episodes of From Shadows, Come. You can count on more of those!

• Once the intros are done for The Erudite War Collection, the additions there will also be episodic. • Also, there will be more episodes from The Border Wilds Collection (which includes "Not a Princess."


Early plans are in place for the sequel to the Thrice Born Era. I am calling the next round of adventures, relationship struggles, and character growth The Age of Elementals. I'm not planning on it being 18 novels long. But, I sort of figured the Thrice Born Era would be one book, back when I started in 1987. Writing with an ink pen. On a legal pad.

Stick around and see what happens!

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