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Still Updating, Still Creating

More work in Siliar, despite me not posting update info. I've kept adding section AND I've been working on some of the pre-elf history. Stuff that's behind the scenes, as of now, but important for upcoming writing.

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Over the last few months, I have worked through quite a bit of the Age of Elementals story. I suppose you can say the beginning is coming to an end and the middle is about to begin. I am pleased. The

Well… To say it is completed is to agree that I am not planning any additions. At this time. There is a lot of room on the edges of the canon to which additional accounts and adventures could be share

Work in the Thrice Born Era is winding down with a few episodes still planned for the Erudite War Collection. I feel like enough of the Siliar events in that era have been described that a robust view

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