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This is BIG!

• Books 6 and 7 are fully offered on the site.

• Books 8, 9, and 10 are on their way! • Book 1 has been converted to the new system.

The new system seems to have worked out and a few problems were figured out and corrected, so all of Book 1 (TB01 Valley of Regrets) has been updated. The new system fixed the formatting issue that affected the mobile version of the pages. Books TB02 - TB05 still need to be updated.

HOWEVER, TB06a Road to Liberation and TB06b Stance for Freedom have been COMPLETELY added to the site using the new system. AND ALSO, the timeline caught up to TB08b Sixteen, Going on Forever, and that book is being added as well using, of course, the new system.

With TB06a Road to Liberation and TB06b Stance for Freedom fully added, work will proceed with TB08a Rise of Independence. But, while adding those sections, I am going to also work on changing books 2 - 5 over to the new system. I am hoping that, before TB10 Anthem of Justice is fully added the entire opus will have been changed to the new system.

The books that follow, of course will be added using the new system.

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