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Shadow of Doubt TB04 is now completely edited and added to the site!

Time to start the process of adding Lost Hope TB05!


• Edits and additions to TB04 Shadow of Doubt continue.

• Also, I’m trying to devise a faster way of making updates to the content. WiX is great, but managing the sections as I have in the first 4 books taxes it. And me.


• Still updating TB04. Also, I have thought about a few plot elements for TF02 (Prophetess, Book 11-B2).


• Added another section to TB04 today. (And one yesterday!)


• I have done, since last update, some work on magic. Also, I have been planning some characters, some for book 11, some for what I’m conceiving as “Series Two,” which will account for another 70 year period of Siliar’s history (future to the Twice Born Era series).

Also, added another section to TB04 today.

2019-11-10 • Added a few days to the TB04 outline. Still, very excited by this story. I especially like what’s going on with Fuller…

2019-10-31 • Wrote a section in TB04 that was left in bullet form all these months, then added it to the site.


Welcome to the new subscribers!

• I have added sections to TB04. Much more to come!

Just so you know where all this is going…

I am planning on getting through TB05 in the next month or so, then tackling the 6s, 8s, and Book 10, which all have overlapping timelines and… Yeah, that’s going to be something. I am also considering asking for a small payment to access that collection. Also, I think Book 5 will require signing up for the sight (free).

Side note: I’ve started depicting, in TikTok videos, one of the plot lines using my Word of Warcraft Characters. I know, I know… Anyway, they will also be here (spoiler alert!):

2019-09-06 • So… sort of moved forward with TB04 Shadow of Doubt and got the site set up for that… I gotta say in doing edits for the first few sections, this is an outstanding story, and I can’t wait to share it with everyone!

2019-09-05 • Kinda finished TB03 Way of Refusal. Yeah, that just happened!

2019-09-02 • Added several sections to Way of Refusal.

2019-08-26 • Reworked the navigation page for The Valley of Regret.

• Work on TF11-B2, Prophetess continue. I’ve continued to add to it and am going back and filling in some details to round things out for some of the character arcs.

2019-08-16 • Still editing and adding sections to Way of Refusal.

• Work on TF11-B2, Prophetess continues, now sitting at around 560 pages since the beginning of the summer break (June).

2019-08-07 • I’ve been editing and adding sections to Way of Refusal.

• Work on TF11-B2, Prophetess approaches the action climax as the work slips past the 500 page mark.

2019-07-18 • Added a few paragraphs to TB02-38.

• Work on TF11-B2, Prophetess, continues. I’m closing in on the 400 page mark!

2019-05-26 • Added section to TB03!

• I have also done some more groundwork for the next book in the Truthfinders serries, Book TF11-B2 and written a few scenes.

2019-05-19 • Added section to TB03!

• I have a plan/outline for a summer writing project that will extend the Truthfinder series by another book. I’ve done some offline work on characters and outlines, etc.

2019-05-10 • Times have been busy away from Siliar! More to come soon!

2019-04-20 • Added section to TB03.

• Worked on “Who’s who and What’s what…” a little.

2019-04-19 • Added section to TB03.

• Worked on “Who’s who and What’s what…” a little.

2019-04-18 Added more to TB03.

• So… There’s this document I call “Who’s who and What’s what…” It isn’t really organized. At all. So, I spent some time working on organizing that. It will be sort of an encyclopedia to Siliar, and with lots of spoiler warnings, I’ll add it to the members content.

• I also added the map to Three Kingdoms area and updated all the linking map pages.

*PLANNING TO blow out a lot of edits on TBO3 over the next 4 days. But, plans are… you know…

2019-04-17 Added another action section to TB03.

2019-04-16 Worked on the timeline on the Enter Siliar page.

2019-04-15 Added another action section to TB03.

2019-04-14 Continuing to work on the site navigation to make sure it is good to go on mobile. Also, adding at least one action section to TB03.

2019-04-12 Thank you Google for approving AdSense.

2019-04-08 Welcome to the newest member! Thanks, G.W. for joining Siliar!

More TB03 updates to come soon!

2019-04-02 I received some feedback from Nathan (my son) and spent some time thinking about site navigation. I made some changes that I think improves things…

2019-03-25 I’ve been editing a section in TB03. It’s three or four action scenes and about 25 pages long. Shaping up, but I need some uninterrupted time to finalize and put up on the site.

• I also did some more planning for The Prophetess (TFB11-B2).

2019-03-17 Added a scene to TB03.

2019-03-16 Adding more text to the site… still trying to sort out the Adsense issues. WiX has escalated my problem to a developer. I’m sure that will result in them saying I did something impossibly wrong. You might think I am making a huge thing out of not having Adsense on the sight. Well, before I spend another five months adding content, I want to make sure the most fundamental monetization process is viable. So… Yeah, that.

2019-03-09 Added a story—”The Rose’s Thorns.” Once more, I did this differently… (Open the story in new window-Click)

2019-03-03 Added a story—”The Dragon of Yellow Wood,” which was published in a few anthologies. I did this differently, trying to feed Google’s bot with content so perhaps Adsense will start working. Who knows? (Open the story in new window-Click)

2019-03-02 Cleaning up a little plot hole today. Not a biggie, just a contradiction regarding if someone knew someone. Also adding more sections to TB03.

2019-02-28 Added a video about how I named the (many, many) characters.


2019-02-24 Family responsibilities have kept me busy. Nothing new since the 19th.

2019-02-19 Editing a section in TB03. Some trivial geography issues… working them out nevertheless.

2019-02-17 Still… still cannot get WiX to play right with Adsense. Really?

Edited and added sections to TB03.

• Worked on the traits for the game system a little.

2019-02-13 I must fix a reference document that has been around since I was using Word Perfect. It’s like an encyclopedia for Siliar. So, yeah… that will come later.

• Also, added the actions sections from 4928, Week 2, Day 1.

• Also, added a video today!


2019-02-12 Did I mention that I’ve been busy? BUT, editing and adding more of TB03 today. Finished the action sections for 4928, Week 1, Day 7.

2019-02-07 Crazy busy with work last couple of days. I’ve been working on and testing the gaming system, looking for the best way to deliver that.

2019-02-04 DON’T GET MAD! Tonight, I began working on the preliminary setup for the premium (paid) member pages. For now, it’s free, but my idea is that eventually, the monthly plan will be $1.99 (because $2.00 seems like too much) per month. Or something. Maybe $20.00 a year… I gotz a lotz more work to do on this, but for now, premium is free.

2019-02-03 Edited and added TB03-19 today.

2019-02-02 Wrote, edited, and added the Along the Way scene. Edited and added all of the events from 4928, Midfall, One and Six in Way of Refusal. All set up for One and Seven, which has a lot of sections on that day!

2019-02-01 Added the scenes. Going to write an Along The Way scene tomorrow.

2019-01-31 Edited all of the sections (four more) from 4928, Midfall, One and Five in Way of Refusal. Did not add them to the site, but have all the files ready to go.

2019-01-30 Added a bunch of sections to Way of Refusal.

• On the todo list is to work out a way to leave a breadcrumb trail through all the sections someone has read. Sans going into some deep level coding, I thought using CSS and giving the “visited link” status to show what has been visited would make sense, but… NO JOY. At least not yet… I think WiX quashes that status or something. Maybe I put the CSS in the wrong place?

2019-01-29 A little preliminary work on putting the ideas behind the languages of Silar into a final form. I have this vague concept, but it hasn’t been necessary to be strict about languages. However, Prophetess raises an issue where the way languages work needs to be established.

• Added sections to TB03.

• Finally made the Dinaule Drandin map “digital” (after all these years!). Added it to the site, since a lot of Way of Refusal happens there and nearby (Marleen’s estate).

2019-01-29 Did some offline work on Book 11-B2 (This is the 14th book during the Thrice Born Era, the second book in the Truthfinder series.) There’s a timeline…

Everything on that timeline is done, except Not a Princess and Prophetess. There needs to be some good copy editing, but the stories are done.

2019-01-28 Did some ergonomic work on the website.

• Added the timeline page for Way of Refusal (TB03) and added a few sections.

• Wrote a NEW Along the Way section called “Lansal Alone” and added to timeline.

2019-01-27 Finished TB02! Path of Darkness is fully added to the site. Now, I’m going to chill for a few days and figure out how/what to do next.

2019-01-24 No update today!

2019-01-23 Added through TB02-41.

2019-01-21 The might not seem like progress to readers but… I got the site approved for Yahoo/Bing ads, and set that up. And it seems to be working. So, yeah…

ALSO, added TB02-36 section. Getting close to the beginning of the end!

ALSO, changed, where it appeared, the name Kera to Kara.

2019-01-20 Added a few words back in Valley of Regret:

FROM “Hmm…” Marleen was clearly unsure.


“Hmm…” Marleen was clearly thinking through the idea. “I like the idea of that. As much as the experience would be good for Ben, it would be equally so for Rachel, and I believe they both have in them far more than the life they’ve had, so far. Some people can be completely happy with a routine life filled with routine things… waking up to bacon frying… smiles from their family… a safe, comfortable home. Others, though… their potential to do big things itches them in the routine.”

Nathan felt his mentor’s eyes land on him as his face softened into a big smile.

“And Ben… Rachel, perhaps, more so, have that itch, if you ask me.” Marleen turned back to Lansal. “Seeing a few things might open their eyes to their true possibilities.”

This is a perfect example of why this delivery system suits me. I was reflecting on the motives and circumstances, and, although I had long ago decided Marleen was more of a mentoring, nurturing, teacher type person, I don’t think it was as apparent as I wanted. Adding a couple of paragraphs, I think, brings that out a little. (There is already another section in a future scene where he checks on the above hypothesis to confirm his prediction.)

ALSO, added TB02-34 section. Getting close to the beginning of the end!

ALSO, tweaked a lot of things, made some additions to the site, and added TB02-35

ALSO, wrote and added TB02-36

So, we can say it was a busy day in Siliar!


• Getting some updates going today! Still no joy with AdSense, so that.

• Added all of the sections in Path of Darkness that happened on 4928, Week 11, Day 3 and Day 4.

• Wrote a new section in Terantis, back a few days. It’s TB02-27-B called “A Walk In The Dark.


I have been dealing with issues related to Google AdSense. Also, added more to Path of Darkness.


Added more to Path of Darkness.


Added a video to the YouTube Site:



Added more to Path of Darkness. Wrote a new scene, also.


HAPPY NEW YEAR! Today, I edited/added some more sections to Path of Darkness.


Wrote a new and added a section to Path of Darkness (BK02-25)


Edited/added some more sections to Path of Darkness.


Added some more sections to Path of Darkness. Wrote 2 new scenes as well, among those added.


Added some more sections to Path of Darkness (up to BK02-21).


Merry Christmas!


Siliar in the Classroom… Added in concept with one example. This should be a really interesting thing to do with the world, something I thought of when the first version was completed back in 2005. I’m trying to use the discussion board to run the system. Let’s just see how that goes…

Also added sections 02-15 and 02-16. Also added 02-17 and 02-18!


Greetings to anyone finding their way here from Facebook. While the foundations of Siliar are set, there is much building to be done. I would dare say there are some broken links still undiscovered, but I have been testing the site and refining it almost daily since November 1, 2018. It seems to be usable and functional, but please let me know if you uncover any bugs or problems.!

Edited and added section 02-12.

Checked/fixed links on Northport Map.

Added and linked Gloom Map.

Edited and added sections 02-13 and 02-14


Edited 02-11


Just one little site tweak.


Edit of 02-09 and 10


Edit of 02-08

Added the Delandi Dinaule / Cartoolse Kernas map


Edit of 02-06, 02-07

Checked updated the Finarsi Vol Map


Edit of 02-05.

Edited 02-03 and 04 sometime ago, but didn’t list it.


Lots of map stuff. Please message any errors found, such as links to the wrong place!


More map stuff.


More map stuff.

Corrected some layout issues in Book 01.

Close edit 02-02 and 03


Map stuff. Found a better way to do maps.

Also, close edit 02-01!


Slight adjustment to Homepage layout.

Added a few more images to Homepage slideshow.

Worked more on maps.

Found grammar errors in 02-01, so planning a closer edit starting tomorrow.


Added a section in the forums where you can ask a question to the CHARACTERS and the author (Bill) will answer your question from the point of view of the character (avoiding spoilers).

Added more to The Path of Darkness.

Also added some maps.

2018-12-07 (11:27 p.m):
Overhaul complete. New method works well, and it is actually easier to add content.

Started work on The Path of Darkness. I think it will navigate and read well!

Go buy some merch!

Join the Reddit discussion:

2018-12-07 (4:46 p.m): I have found a new method for putting the content on the web site. Starting on section 1…

2018-12-07: Maybe time for an overhaul! Maybe a new approach.

2018-12-07: Still struggling with the fixes!

2018-12-07: There appears to be a problem with WiX that I cannot sort out. I make changes, then ½ hour later, they are unchanged.


I seem to have again broken something. So, I am going to fix it really well this time. Story time…

WiX does this thing with caches. So, I had an editor open on my laptop, and made an update. Well, it “published” the OLD version that had been dormant on the laptop for days and days. BAM! Broken.

As of now, I have fixed through section 39.

2018-12-06 (lunch)

Just a word of thanks to gnarlycharlie44 (Reddit) for his work there on the subreddit and for adding Siliar to the mix of things! Very cool!

Also, looks like the Google Ads are actually working, now. So that…

Also, merch! Check the link in the footer!

~Bill Snodgrass


Google… Thank you! The ads now are showing on the pages (at the bottom) and if people click them… $$$ Thank you, Google!

Added more to The Valley of Regret.

Eh… Finished The Valley of Regret. Time to start Book 02, The Path of Darkness.


Created the YouTube channel and uploaded first video. Added YouTube page to this site.

Added two more sections to The Valley of Regret.

2018-12-02 (12:49 pm CST)

Something EVERYTHING broke between WiX and Google, so first thing today was to fix it. (ARGGGG!!!!!) Will have to finish fixing it later.

3:14 pm CST—looks like I might have found all the broken parts.


More scenes from The Valley of Regret added.

Worked “under the hood” on file names and other very boring things. NOTICE: THIS WAS A VERY BAD IDEA. (SEE 12-2!)


Added another scene to The Valley of Regret.


I believe I have a much better plan for navigating via the timeline where multiple areas and groups of people are concerned. The War to Liberate Terantis section is what I came up with.

~Bill Snodgrass


Added another scene from Sixteen, Going on Forever.

Revised the “Latest Updates” section.


Finished 4928, Midsummer, Week 6, Day 2!

Edited and corrected "Thicker Than Water."


Added the “Latest Updates” system. (THIS)

I feel ​like site navigation works as is, for the timelines. The "navigation by location" idea will take a bit more time. Meanwhile, I'm adding sections to The Valley of Regret.

~Bill Snodgrass

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