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Shadow of Doubt TB04 is now completely edited and added to the site!

Time to start the process of adding Lost Hope TB05!


• Edits and additions to TB04 Shadow of Doubt continue.

• Also, I’m trying to devise a faster way of making updates to the content. WiX is great, but managing the sections as I have in the first 4 books taxes it. And me.


• Still updating TB04. Also, I have thought about a few plot elements for TF02 (Prophetess, Book 11-B2).


• Added another section to TB04 today. (And one yesterday!)


• I have done, since last update, some work on magic. Also, I have been planning some characters, some for book 11, some for what I’m conceiving as “Series Two,” which will account for another 70 year period of Siliar’s history (future to the Twice Born Era series).

Also, added another section to TB04 today.

2019-11-10 • Added a few days to the TB04 outline. Still, very excited by this story. I especially like what’s going on with Fuller…

2019-10-31 • Wrote a section in TB04 that was left in bullet form all these months, then added it to the site.


Welcome to the new subscribers!

• I have added sections to TB04. Much more to come!

Just so you know where all this is going…

I am planning on getting through TB05 in the next month or so, then tackling the 6s, 8s, and Book 10, which all have overlapping timelines and… Yeah, that’s going to be something. I am also considering asking for a small payment to access that collection. Also, I think Book 5 will require signing up for the sight (free).

Side note: I’ve started depicting, in TikTok videos, one of the plot lines using my Word of Warcraft Characters. I know, I know… Anyway, they will also be here (spoiler alert!):

2019-09-06 • So… sort of moved forward with TB04 Shadow of Doubt and got the site set up for that… I gotta say in doing edits for the first few sections, this is an outstanding story, and I can’t wait to share it with everyone!

2019-09-05 • Kinda finished TB03 Way of Refusal. Yeah, that just happened!

2019-09-02 • Added several sections to Way of Refusal.

2019-08-26 • Reworked the navigation page for The Valley of Regret.

• Work on TF11-B2, Prophetess continue. I’ve continued to add to it and am going back and filling in some details to round things out for some of the character arcs.

2019-08-16 • Still editing and adding sections to Way of Refusal.

• Work on TF11-B2, Prophetess continues, now sitting at around 560 pages since the beginning of the summer break (June).

2019-08-07 • I’ve been editing and adding sections to Way of Refusal.

• Work on TF11-B2, Prophetess approaches the action climax as the work slips past the 500 page mark.

2019-07-18 • Added a few paragraphs to TB02-38.

• Work on TF11-B2, Prophetess, continues. I’m closing in on the 400 page mark!

2019-05-26 • Added section to TB03!

• I have also done some more groundwork for the next book in the Truthfinders serries, Book TF11-B2 and written a few scenes.

2019-05-19 • Added section to TB03!

• I have a plan/outline for a summer writing project that will extend the Truthfinder series by another book. I’ve done some offline work on characters and outlines, etc.

2019-05-10 • Times have been busy away from Siliar! More to come soon!

2019-04-20 • Added section to TB03.

• Worked on “Who’s who and What’s what…” a little.

2019-04-19 • Added section to TB03.

• Worked on “Who’s who and What’s what…” a little.

2019-04-18 Added more to TB03.

• So… There’s this document I call “Who’s who and What’s what…” It isn’t really organized. At all. So, I spent some time working on organizing that. It will be sort of an encyclopedia to Siliar, and with lots of spoiler warnings, I’ll add it to the members content.

• I also added the map to Three Kingdoms area and updated all the linking map pages.

*PLANNING TO blow out a lot of edits on TBO3 over the next 4 days. But, plans are… you know…

2019-04-17 Added another action section to TB03.